Xplico Evaluator

Xplico Evaluator is an easy-to-use, flexible Microsoft Excel-based valuation tool with integrated risk assessment and powerful analysis features for the life science industry. Xplico Evaluator is to be used in relation to project valuation, partnering, portfolio management, funding, company valuation and/or acquisitions and sales of assets/enterprises. Xplico Evaluator is today the clear market leader tool used by more than 50 life science companies in EU, US and Asia on a daily basis.

Biotech Package

The package includes our valuation tool, training and valuation support for a low fixed monthly fee. We will be able to support you with the latest market and benchmark data, build and review your business cases and step in if you are short of resources. Our Biotech Package will give you all the power needed to run your partnering, investment and funding activities backed up by our experienced valuation team.