Project and company valuation

Project valuation in relation to partnering, investment decisions or portfolio management is a challenging exercise. You have to predict and make decisions about the future market potential of your products that will have a major impact on the shareholder value. Your decision-making will be highly influenced by key value drivers and their dynamics such as:

  • Target profile of the product
  • Probability of success
  • Patient population, which becomes more and more segmented and diverse
  • Competitive landscape with generics and new products entering the market
  • Marketing effort and effectiveness
  • Treatment pattern (dosing, compliance and persistence)
  • Price strategy, reimbursement and government regulations

Understanding the key value drivers and their dynamics for the market potential of your product is essential for making good investment and partnering decisions and increasing the shareholder value. You could miss significant opportunities by choosing projects with less market potential, or you risk making deals without exploring the full market potential of your product, or you could end up funding projects that will erode the shareholder value.

Xplico has extensive expertise in the discipline of real-life valuation work. Based on many years of valuation experience and input from the life science industry we have developed a valuation tool with integrated risk assessment and powerful analysis features to support your decision-making and increase the shareholder value. Your benefits will be:

  • Valid support that strengthens your decision-making
  • A structured process that raises the relevant questions
  • Analytical power to match big pharma’s valuation teams
  • Optimization of your deal terms
  • High productivity and accuracy
  • Flexibility to cover the variation in your projects
  • Access to benchmark and market data
  • Access to our valuation support and expertise

Please contact Xplico to learn more about our easy approach to project valuation, and how we can support you in strengthening your decision-making and increasing your shareholder value.