Xplico Evaluator

Project and company valuation in life science

Project and company valuation in relation to partnering, investment decisions or portfolio management is a challenging exercise. You have to predict and make decisions about the future market potential of your products that will have a major impact on shareholder value. Understanding the key value drivers and their dynamics for the market potential of your product is essential for making good investment and partnering decisions and increasing shareholder value.

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Xplico Evaluator – an easy approach to project and company valuation

Xplico Evaluator converts Microsoft Excel into an easy-to-use, flexible valuation tool with integrated risk assessment and powerful analysis features for the life science industry. Xplico Evaluator gives you the following benefits:

  • Valid support that strengthens your decision-making
  • A structured process that raises the relevant questions
  • Analytical power to match big pharma’s valuation team
  • Optimization of your deal terms
  • High productivity and accuracy
  • Flexibility to cover the variation in your projects
  • Risk assessment
  • No dependency on key personnel

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The valuation process

The first step in the valuation process is to define your product profile and set out the overall framework for the product. The next step is to define the development risk tree based on the profile of your product. You are then ready to look into the market potential for your product, taking into account the competitive landscape. The obtained market is converted into revenue, and you are able to add your expenses and deal terms, where relevant. After entering the assumptions you will be able to see not only a full profit & loss and cash flow for you and your partners but also the NPV, the risk-adjusted NPV (rNPV) and the value-split between you and partners. You are able to run various scenarios and sensitivity analyses.
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Case studies

See how our customers have benefited from using Xplico Evaluator and our valuable support.
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