Consulting Services

Xplico is your partner in valuation.

We have extensive experience in valuation, forecasting and project/portfolio management and our team of internal and external consultants can evaluate your projects and/or company or support you during partnering negotiations.

A valuation report will provide you with a PowerPoint presentation (about 75-100 pages) and will be delivered within a month from the signing of the contract. It includes a number of directly usable outputs for your presentations/negotiations including:

  • Future income, net cash flow and rNPV/NPV for you and your (potential) partners based on justified assumptions with references to primary/secondary market research (Datamonitor, GlobalData etc.) and industry benchmarks.
  • Potential term sheet/exit value compared to similar deals and companies.
  • Sensitivity and scenario analysis on key assumptions.
  • Value inflection points showing timing and value.

We are also able to build customized tools for you e.g. forecasting. Please contact us for a quote/offer.