World-class solutions for life science organizations

Xplico develops and markets business management solutions for life science organizations with the focus on value creation. Currently Xplico markets three solutions: 

  • Xplico Evaluator is an easy-to-use, flexible valuation tool with integrated risk assessment and powerful analysis features for the life science industry.
  • Xplico Forecaster is an easy-to-use, flexible, patient-based forecasting tool for new product forecasting in the life science industry.
  • Xplico Planning is an online solution that integrates project and resource management with financial reporting.
  • Xplico offers related services such as implementation, training and customization, and also provides consultancy in forecasting and valuation work.

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    Xplico has entered into an agreement with ActeaVentures GmbH (Karlsruhe, Germany) (March 2014)
    Xplico launchs Xplico Consolidation - a company valuation tool to support funding & M&A activities (January 2014)
    Xplico signs up with local partner in China – LINGMED Ltd (November 2013)
    Xplico releases a new “standard” and an upgraded “advanced” model for valuation with Xplico Evaluator. (October 2012)
    Valuation tool for early stages projects (May 2012)